Our Team

Meet the Emera New Brunswick Team. We work hard to ensure the Brunswick Pipeline is operated safely, securely and efficiently.

Ryan O'Hara

General Manager

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John MacIsaac - white bk

John MacIsaac

Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

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Melanie Hartt - white bk

Melanie Hartt

Regulatory Compliance Manager

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Craig Arbeau - white bk

Craig Arbeau

Manager of Operations and Engineering

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Michelle Thibodeau Coates

Michelle Thibodeau Coates

Stakeholder Relations Manager, Emera New Brunswick

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Charlene Stone

Charlene Stone

Pipeline Coordinator

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Jan Legere 2

Janice Legere

Administrative Assistant

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Jeff Maxwell

Jeff Maxwell

Lead Maintenance Technician

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Patrick Theriault

Patrick Theriault

Corrosion Technician

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Gabe MacMaster

Gabe MacMaster

Pipeline Technician

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Gary McLaughlin

Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist

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Matthew Plue

Operations Engineer

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Chelsea Brittain

Management Systems and Assurance Specialist

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Nina MacKinnon

Manager, Management Systems

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Jason Kearley

Manager, Health, Safety, and Environment

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