Call Before You Dig

One of the leading causes of pipeline failure is damage resulting from nearby excavation, other ground disturbance or from crossings by heavy equipment.  We watch for unauthorized activities, but we’re also asking for your help.

The Brunswick Pipeline right-of way is clearly marked. Pipeline markers like these are used to indicate the approximate location of a natural gas pipeline and to provide contact information. While pipeline maps and markers provide the general location of a pipeline, they are not an alternative to contacting the Click or Call Before You Dig number.

The Canada Energy Regulator regulations require that you call 1-888-410-2220 for ground disturbances or any heavy equipment crossings within the pipeline easement or within 30 metres of the pipeline easement.

The call centre will notify Emera Brunswick Pipeline so we can mark the underground facilities before your proposed activity takes place. Once these facilities are marked, you’ll know what’s below and can dig or cross safely.

You must Click or Call Before You Dig if planning on undertaking any of the following activities.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you are in doubt about possible pipeline locations or permissible activities on or near the Brunswick Pipeline, Click or Call Before You Dig.

  • Working within 30 metres of our easement
  • Construction involving heavy machinery near our easement
  • Planning to cross our easement with heavy equipment
  • Road, rail and service crossings of the easement
  • Forestry cutting and removal
  • Excavation or blasting
  • Development proposals
  • Paving or changes in existing grades
  • Highway and road reconstruction
  • Fence installation
  • Field tile installations
  • Any other similar activities

If you are in doubt about possible pipeline locations or permissible uses of or near the Easement, call the Operations office at least 72 hours (three full working days) prior to commencing your work. We will identify the location of the pipeline and related facilities, and will provide you with the written permissions you require to proceed. You must click or call before you dig.

Preventing damage to pipelines is a shared responsibility. Because pipelines are buried, they can be at risk for accidental damage from nearby construction or ground disturbance activity. This type of damage can be prevented and we work with other gas distribution companies in the area to ensure the public receives regular reminders, through our annual radio campaign, about the need to Click or Call Before You Dig. 

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