Emera NB Bursary

The Emera Promise Partnership Bursary recognizes and awards students who attended Hazen White-St. Francis School and participated in the UNB Saint John Promise Partnership.  Hazen White-St. Francis (HWSF) School is located in Crescent Valley, a neighbourhood that is home to a section of the Brunswick Pipeline.

The Promise Partnership matches students from Hazen White-St. Francis School with university mentors from UNBSJ.  Mentors work with HWSF students to help reinforce, and support, academics taught in the classroom.  In addition to programming that takes place at HWSF, a high school tutoring program is offered on the UNB Saint John campus to former graduates of Hazen White-St. Francis.  Since its start in 2009, the Promise Partnership has been recognized as a valuable poverty-reduction initiative, and it has garnered the support of numerous community partners and businesses.

In 2012, Emera NB committed $66,000 to fund the first HWSF cohort of Promise Partnership students enrolling in post-secondary education.  The Emera Promise Partnership Bursary was set up to cover the first year of tuition, books and residence fees.  In 2014, we celebrated our first recipient, Kendra Eatman, now pursuing a Nursing Degree at UNBSJ.   

Emera New Brunswick and UNB Saint John are proud partners in support of the future leaders of Hazen White-St. Francis School (HWSF) in Crescent Valley.