As a pipeline company, we put safety at the centre of everything we do.  In allotting our donations and sponsorships, we gladly support programs and initiatives that aim to make our communities a safer place to live. 

Are you working on a safety initiative that you think we might be interested in supporting? If so, apply for funding.

Here are some of our recent donations that contribute to the safety and well-being of our community.


Support for Fire Departments located along the Brunswick Pipeline route

Emera New Brunswick values the important work our fire fighters do in keeping our communities safe. That’s why we are proud to contribute to fire fighters’ training programs and the procurement of firefighting equipment.

Since the beginning of Brunswick Pipeline operations, Emera New Brunswick has contributed to training programs at the Saint John Fire Department. 

Over the three years, we have also contributed $30,000 to six fire departments operating along our right-of-way in Southwest New Brunswick.  This funding has helped fire departments purchase equipment they needed, including generators, communications equipment, and multi-purpose rescue trailers that enables firefighters to access rough terrain and move people and equipment safely during off-road emergencies.


Fire Safety Trailer

Emera New Brunswick donated $30,000 towards a $56,000 Fire Safety Trailer. 

The Fire Safety Trailer is an integral part of Saint John Fire Department’s Fire Safety and Prevention program.  The 30-foot fiberglass trailer is adorned with Sparky the Fire Dog and decals that make it look like a home.  The trailer has been designed to augment the fire safety training program and educate school-aged children on household fire prevention and safety procedures.