Environmental Stewardship

We are proud to support organizations that work on the conservation and responsible stewardship of the environment.  Below are some examples of that support in action.


Support for Ducks Unlimited

Emera New Brunswick has donated $33,000 to Ducks Unlimited Programs in New Brunswick.

Emera New Brunswick has supported DUC’s Project Webfoot, an elementary school program that allows students to learn about and explore wetlands in an interactive way.  With Project Webfoot, students first learn about wetlands in the classroom, as part of their grade 4 to 6 curricula.  They then go on field trips to explore a local wetland.

Learn more about Ducks Unlimited in New Brunswick


Fish By-Pass

Emera New Brunswick established a natural fish by-pass in 2011, constructed around the Digdeguash Lake dam to allow fish to migrate into the lake from Linton Stream. The by-pass also opens up several hectares of upstream spawning and rearing habitat for many fish species.

Are you working on an initiative that improves our environment?  Then let us know.  We would gladly consider supporting your project.  Please apply for funding online or contact our Stakeholder Relations Manager  for more information.