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Before you start a project there are a few things to consider.


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Before you start a project, you must Click or Call Before you Dig.  

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Technical Guidelines

Emera Brunswick Pipeline Company (“EBPC” or “the Company”) is regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). The intent of these guidelines (the “Guidelines”) is to provide the technical guidelines and other necessary information to individuals, companies, stakeholders and other entities planning potential construction activities in EBPC’s Brunswick Pipeline prescribed area or in areas in close proximity to the EBPC pipeline that may cause a ground disturbance in the prescribed area (for example: blasting near the EBPC right-of-way). The Prescribed Area is a strip of land measured 30 metres perpendicularly on each side from the centreline of the pipe.

Obtaining Emera New Brunswick approval prior to beginning ground disturbance activities is not just a courtesy – it is the law under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act and a requirement of the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), Emera New Brunswick’s regulator.

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Canada Energy Regulator (CER) Requirements

Under the damage prevention framework those planning to undertake activities near the pipeline, the pipeline company, and the CER each have a role in ensuring work near federally-regulated pipelines is safe. The Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CER Act) and the associated Damage Prevention Regulations (DPRs) set out the responsibilities of anyone planning to undertake activities within the prescribed area, or cross a pipeline, and of pipeline companies.”

All information on the rules and regulations associated with construction near a pipeline, as well as the required authorizations are detailed in the Canada Energy Regulator’s brochure. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities visit the links below. 

Construction Near Pipelines

CER’s damage prevention webpage.