We are proud to support and work with the people who help to keep our communities safe – our first responders.

Community Liaison Committees

Leaders of the Saint John Fire Department are members of the Saint John Community Liaison Committee.  Our Southwest NB Community Liaison Committee membership includes leaders from St. George, Musquash, St. Stephen and Oak Bay fire departments.

Emera New Brunswick places great importance on regular communication with fire departments located along the Brunswick Pipeline right-of-way. We greatly appreciate the participation of these fire departments on our Community Liaison Committees.

Mock Emergency Exercises

In partnership with local first responders, Emera New Brunswick conducts annual mock emergency exercises in rural and urban areas of the Brunswick Pipeline right-of-way. Mock exercises are routine and provide emergency responders and Brunswick Pipeline staff with the opportunity to test equipment and procedures in a simulated emergency scenario. 

Rural Mock Exercise

On June 27, 2015, Emera New Brunswick conducted a mock emergency exercise in the Bonny River area, near St. George, NB. The purpose of the exercise was to test emergency response and communications practices. Participating in this exercise along with Brunswick Pipeline, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline and Spectra Energy personnel were members of the Bonny River, St. George, Musquash and Blacks Harbour fire departments, St. George RCMP, St. Stephen 911 Dispatch, the NB Emergency Measures Organization, Ambulance NB and the Department of Natural Resources Fire Control/Operations.

Urban Mock Exercise

In 2014, Brunswick Pipeline and the Saint John Fire Department conducted a mock emergency exercise in the Fernhill area of Saint John. The purpose of the exercise was to test emergency response and communications practices. The NB Emergency Measures Organization, City of Saint John, Saint John Police, Ambulance NB, NB Power and Saint John Energy also participated in the exercise. 

Investing in safety and emergency preparedness

We are proud to support and partner with first responders who work hard to keep our communities safe.

In 2015, Emera New Brunswick and the Saint John Fire Department officially launched the Fire Safety Trailer, an integral part of Saint John Fire Department’s Fire Safety and Prevention program.

The 30-foot fiberglass trailer, adorned with Sparky the Fire Dog and decals that make it look like a home, has been designed to augment the training program and educate school-aged children on household fire prevention and safety procedures.

Emera New Brunswick contributed $30,000 towards the $56,000 trailer.

“We are grateful for the support of Emera New Brunswick as a partner that places significant value on the safety of citizens in our community,” said Saint John Fire Department Chief Kevin Clifford. “The new fire safety trailer takes our Fire Safety and Prevention program to a new level by allowing us to offer children in our community top-of-the-line simulation equipment and training that has proven to save lives.”

Providing training and equipment 

Since the beginning of Brunswick Pipeline operations, Emera New Brunswick has contributed to training programs at the Saint John Fire Department. We have also contributed $30,000 to six fire departments operating along our right-of-way in Southwest New Brunswick.  This funding has helped them purchase necessary equipment, including generators, communications equipment, and multi-purpose rescue trailers that enable firefighters to access rough terrain and move people and equipment safely during off-road emergencies.

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