In case of an emergency, call 911!

If you suspect a pipeline leak, call 911!

If you think you’ve hit or damaged the pipeline, call 911!

Pipelines are the safest and most reliable means of transporting large volumes of natural gas.  The Brunswick Pipeline has been transporting natural gas safely since the beginning of operations in 2009.  Safety has always been our top priority.

We work diligently to maintain the integrity of our pipeline. We regularly practice our emergency response procedures.

We have developed a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan in case there is a  pipeline emergency. Our staff is trained to work in cooperation with local emergency responders to manage these events.

You can view our Emergency Response Plan here: Brunswick Pipeline Emergency Response Plan 2019.

You can access our Emergency Management Plan here:

Emergency Management Program (English)

Emergency Management Program (French)

Pipeline Safety Brochure

Review our latest Pipeline Safety Brochurefor additional safety and emergency preparedness information.