One of the leading causes of pipeline failure is damage resulting from nearby excavation, other ground disturbance or from crossings by heavy equipment. We watch for unauthorized activities but we’re also asking for your help.

Whether it's a large project requiring major excavation near the pipeline, or a small home-improvement job, there are regulatory requirements that must be followed to ensure everyone's safety.

National Energy Board (NEB) regulations require that you call 1-888-410-2220 for ground disturbances or any heavy equipment crossings within the pipeline easement or within 30 metres of the pipeline easement.

When you call, the call center will notify Brunswick Pipeline so we can mark the underground facilities we operate in the area before your proposed activity takes place. Once these facilities are marked, you’ll know what’s below and can dig or cross safely.

For ease of reference, crossing guidelines are available on this website. However, please remember, you must call 1-888-410-2220 before beginning any project near the pipeline. To find out more, click on the links below:

Requirements for Construction Near Pipelines

This guideline presents the requirements for construction activities in the vicinity of Brunswick Pipeline's right-of-way and the movement of heavy vehicles or mobile equipment within or across the right-of-way by parties other than Brunswick Pipeline.

Requirements for construction near pipelines »

Checklist for Excavators

The following is a summary checklist for potential third-party excavators who wish to excavate in the vicinity of Brunswick Pipeline's right-of-way.

View the checklist for Excavators »

National Energy Board Resources

The National Energy Board's website contains important information regarding pipeline safety.

Please visit the following links for additional information on how you can help us keep the Brunswick Pipeline safe:


If you plan to cross the pipeline or do some digging, always first call our toll-free Dig Line: