Our Funding Priorities

Emera New Brunswick sponsors and donates to support worthy organizations in the communities that are home to the Brunswick Pipeline.  Employees also volunteer and raise money to support organizations and causes in these communities. 

Our 2019 investments, including sponsorships and donations, will focus on:

Apply for Funding

With so many worthy causes in need of assistance, it’s tough to decide which organizations and programs to help.  We use the following guidelines to help us allot our donations and sponsorships.

  • We contribute primarily to causes that align with our funding priorities: safety, environmental stewardship, and youth in priority neighbourhoods.
  • We believe in contributing where we can truly make a difference–both with our time and our financial resources.
  • We choose causes where we believe our impact will be a source of pride for our employees.
  • We want our employees to see the differences our contributions are making, so we give where we live and work, and in the communities that are home to the Brunswick Pipeline.
  • We are unable to support the following types of requests: religious activities or religiously-affiliated groups, capital campaigns, requests for conference or travel expenses, debt reduction or operating costs, for-profit organizations or government programs.

To apply for sponsorships or donations, please email our Manager for Stakeholder Relations, Michelle Thibodeau Coates, at emera.com or use our Online Application Form

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