The Brunswick Pipeline Community Liaison Committees (CLCs) serve a very important role in facilitating two-way communication between local communities and Brunswick Pipeline.


  • Serve as a forum for open dialogue between Brunswick Pipeline and community interests.
  • Complement other Brunswick Pipeline communication processes and increase public awareness with respect to the pipeline’s operations.
  • Gain community insight and input regarding Brunswick Pipeline operations and first responder concerns.
  • Provide constructive input on how to address and respond to community needs and concerns.
  • Become more familiar with the particulars of Brunswick Pipeline’s business in order to suggest means of supporting Brunswick Pipeline operations in the region.


Each Community Liaison Committee – Saint John and Southwest NB – is comprised of 6-8 individuals who help Brunswick Pipeline obtain a broader understanding of the needs and concerns of the general public, especially at the local level. Committee members will likely include landowners, EPZ residents, first responders, business owners and interested citizens.

Meeting Minutes

Saint John CLC Southwest NB CLC
 2016  2016
 February 27  June 23
   March 16
 2015  2015
 October 24  September 24
   May 7
2014 2014
September 27 December 18
May 10 September 22
April 24