During the construction of the Brunswick Pipeline, Emera New Brunswick funded a $5.35 million endowment to be invested in community projects.  In addition to $1.2 million used in the renewal of the Canada Games Stadium at UNB Saint John, $4.15 million was invested in Rockwood Park.

$2.15 million of the endowment was used towards the renewal of the Rockwood Park entrance at Lily Lake, while a $2-million endowment supports Rockwood Park long-term operations. 

Emera New Brunswick has continued its support of Rockwood Park by sponsoring events such as the annual Pavilion Cup.  Proceeds from the Pavilion Cup support community programs that Lily Lake Pavilion Inc. provides in Rockwood Park, including Movies in the Park, Recreation Your Way in the Park, Seniors in the Park and Awesome Adventures in the Park.

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